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Pot of Mulberry Dip Powder
Mulberry Dip Powder
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Can a colour be DEEP and BRIGHT all at once?  B/c Mulberry is pulling it off ;)  

She's about an 7-8 on the light/dark scale (where black is 10) and absolutely bursting with a bright, deep, magenta goodness.   

Even better, she's hand crafted right here in Australia.

Need pairing ideas? 

  • You can't go past Prism as a chunky feature - freaking STUNNING!  The magenta and glitter in Prism is perfect!
  • She also looks great with Pop Fizz from our Rose Gold Collection
  • Yes Way, Rose-Ay from our Rose Gold Collection
  • Affluent from our Rose Gold Collection 
  • Gold Finger flakies

We suggest:

  • She's highly pigmented, so you should get full coverage with 2 dips. 
  • Topping with clear to give a smooth, glassy surface and to avoid buffing off colour.
  • Opening over a cupcake liner to prevent wastage/spillage
  • Size is a 'very' generous 2 tspn