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Starter Kit

You'll never go back to the salon once you see what's possible with your own DIY Dip Manicure kit!
It really is as easy as 1,2,3!  We're here to guide you through the process, so you won't get stuck. Join a live online tutorial or grab our downloadable guide to help you! 
 PLUS - everything you need to dip your nails at home is inside our Adiption Dip Nails Starter Kit!

How easy is that!  

  • The kit contains all the liquids and tools you need
  • A handy step by step how-to guide, 
  • PLUS a jar of our Clear Dip...
So all you need to do is add your favourite colours and you're good to go!

Then comes the FUN part - choosing colours!

  • Choose a Dip Powder or Glitter Dip Powder of your choice. A lighter colour with a shimmer or fine glitter will be more forgiving when you're learning!
  • We also recommend getting yourself some 100% acetone - you'll need it for removal.  You can get it from beauty stores, or Bunnings. 
As you get started, you're definitely going to have questions and we'd love to support you!
Join us inside our gorgeous Facebook community where our community of 1000 women are on stand-by to help. 
We can't wait to see your first DIY Dip Powder manicure!