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Pot of Atlantis Glitter dip powder
Atlantis Glitter dip powder


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Friends, this is our stunning new glitter Atlantis!

If you’re a fan of glitters and mysterious sunken cities, this is the dip for you!

Atlantis has a wide variety of blue, green, purple, silver and gold glitters, ranging from chunky to fine. These colours are what inspired the name - a perfect addition to the daydream collection!

Sizing - This is a mini jar with a generous 2 tsp - enough to do at least 10 full sets! (Or 100 feature nails) ;)

Atlantis looks amazing with:

We recommend:

  • Using a dip of clear powder at the end to encapsulate the glitter for a beautiful smooth finish.
  • Opening the jar over a cupcake liner - makes it easy to pour any spillage back in the jar so there's no wastage.
  • Pressing down the glitter on the nail in between dips, this helps the glitter stick down and avoid any roughness!
  • Size is a generous 2 tspn and comes in a 10g jar.