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Pot of Gold Finger Glitter Dip Powder

Gold Finger

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We called this one Gold Finger because you'll quite literally have gold fingers.  We thought it was genius. ;)

This versatile beauty can be used on its own, or over any colour to add a bit of glam - it's beautiful, and a little more understated than OTT glitter. 

We recommend:

Topping with clear.  If you buff the foil directly it will come away quite easily as it's super delicate (which is also good to know if you go too hard and need to remove a bit.)

Using a dotting tool to strategically place flakes if you're not happy with how they fall randomly. 

Gold Finger looks amazing with:

  • We love these flakes with a classy black and neutral set.
  • The gold flakes are a fab way to cover a wonky colour-block and give a some 'wow' at the same time!