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Melbourne Lights Dip Powder
Melbourne Lights on nails

Melbourne Lights

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Melbourne Lights was inspired by a piece of Todd Simpson art, combined with sitting in the car playing eye-tricks on a wet night.   Weird, right?  

But I'm sure you'll agree the result is just a bit spectacular!

This medium chunky glitter has a steel grey holographic base with coloured glitters that'll make you think of Melbourne City lights on a wet night.... every time you look it it!

Size - this is a mini jar that holds a very generous 2 tspn - enough to do 10 full sets. 

Pair Melbourne Lights with:

We recommend:

  • Using a dip of clear powder to encapsulate the glitter for a beautiful smooth finish.
  • Opening the jar over a cupcake liner - makes it easy to pour any spillage back in the jar so there's no wastage.
  • Pairing this with nearly anything!  It'll go beautifully with greys, blacks, blues, pinks, greens...