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Pegasus Dip Powder
Pot of Pegasus Dip Powder


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Ever felt like walking on rainbows and fluffy clouds during a beautiful sunset?

Or even better, flying your very own winged horse through them, getting lost in their magical fluffiness?

While this dip unfortunately won't give you your very own pony, having this on your nails is definitely the next best thing. ;) 

This dip is made from gorgeous colour shifting flakes, rather than glitter, which gives it a whole new level of depth and texture. 

It is a bit trickier than a normal dip to apply, but nothing you can't handle and I promise the effort will be worth it! 

Sizing - This is a mini jar with a generous 2 tsp - enough to do at least 10 full sets! (Or 100 feature nails) ;)

Pegasus looks amazing with:

We recommend:

  • Pressing the flakes down flat before your base coat dries - these ones do like to poke up a bit and pressing them flat will make it much, much smoother.  If you skip this 'pressing down' step, you'll hate it and ask for a refund.  You've been warned ;)
  • If there's stubborn feathers that won't lie flat, snip them off with a nail scissors or clipper.  It won't hurt the flying horse, I promise.  
  • Topping with a clear coat is not negotiable. For the same reason as above.  (We have a great clear if you need some!)
  • Tipping the dip into a cupcake liner can make application easier - laying the nail flat will give best results, rather than dipping.