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Pot and Swatch of Portobello Dip Powder


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Did you ever go through a whole tub of Nutella, eating it straight from the jar with a spoon?  No, just me?  ;)

Either way, my love for this dip colour is equal to the amount of love I have for that deep, hazelnutty goodness.  It's really hard to put your finger on exactly what colour Portobello is - she's not quite a brown. Maybe a dark, chocolatey purple, similar to the dark underside of a mushroom.  Maybe Nutella-colour (although mine's eaten so I can't accurately compare).

Either way, you're going to love her on your fingers 'almost' as much as actual Nutella. And probably way more than actual mushroom. 

She's an 8 on the light-dark scale, with 10 being black.

Not sure what to pair her with? We love:

  • Maeve
  • or Sprite for a Sparkle!

We recommend:

  • Building your nail with clear if necessary - this provides extra strength if you’re prone to chipping.
  • Opening over a cupcake liner to avoid wastage if you spill any!
  • Give the jar a stir prior to dipping so your powder is at its fluffy best!
  • Comes in an 0.5oz jar.