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Pot of Gaza Dip Powder
Gaza Dip Powder
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How to describe Gaza?  She's not quite grey, but also not quite brown.  In fact, she is a gorgeous, mushroomy, greyish brown with slightly mauve-y undertones. That's the best I can do :)

I promise you though - she's beautiful and will give you a very classy full hand, but will also be a stunning neutral to set off a popping feature nail! 

 She's about 7-8 on the light-dark scale, with 10 being black. 

Need pairing recco's?  She looks fabulous with:

  • Daydream pairs beautifully for a bit of bling, either as a feature of sprinkled over the top. 
  • Sprite is very complementary and adds a bit of colour with her sparkle
  • Pair with Affluent for a seriously classy and glamorous mani.

We recommend:

  • Building your nail with clear if necessary (apex, or tip only for strength, depending what you need) and then doing 3 full nail dips of colour.  
  • Opening over a cupcake liner to avoid wastage
  • Giving the jar a stir prior to dipping so your dip is at it's fluffy best!
  • Reading our "About Us" page so you can get to know what we're about and how we operate!