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About Us

Welcome to Adiption!

We are so glad that you are here!  ❤️

We LOVE dip powder nails (and the more glitter the better, right?!) but despite how it might look...Adiption is not just about beautiful nails. ;)

Adiption was born out of a desire to serve women. 

Not only do we want to make them look beautiful - we want to make them feel beautiful, and more importantly... feel connected.

That's why Nail Days are the heart of our business - they connect us with each other, connect us with ourselves (can I hear it for ME TIME?!  Woohoo!) and provide space to hang out with other like minded, creative, nail luvvin ladies.  (Want to know the next dates?  Join the Adiption Facebook Community to find out!)

We want to have Nails With Impact - not just visual impact, but global impact.

Our mission here at Adiption is to change the world, one set of nails at a time.

We want to support women who are facing very real challenges, whether that be domestic violence, breast cancer, poverty, or homelessness. Whether they be here, in Australia, or our sisters overseas. 

We see those women, and we want to help.

Every time you support us and buy our products, you are helping these women. Instead of just having pretty nails, you have real Nails With Impact.

Right now, we're just at the very beginning of our journey. Our products are handcrafted in our home. They are hand packaged, and some of our labels are  hand written by me and my teenagers.  (Boy hand writing alert!). Bear with us, pretty labelling is coming but we didn't want to wait to start making the impact we're called to.   

Please join us!  Enjoy our beautiful, quality handcrafted products, and those gorgeous salon nails in the comfort of your home! 

But more importantly, enjoy the fact that you genuinely have NAILS WITH IMPACT!  Your beauty routines are creating real beauty in the lives of people who truly need it.