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You got questions, we got answers!

I'm just starting out with DIY Dip Powder- what do I need to buy?

Very good question!  Here's a shopping list for you :)

  • One of our liquid kits (We recommend the All-In Liquid kit)
  • A set of buffers
  • A dip powder of your choice - we recommend starting with a lighter colour, they're a bit more forgiving when you're learning!

Optional extras that you'll appreciate for best results from the start:

  • Glass Cuticle Pusher - this will give your mani staying power and help with neat edges.
  • Dusting Brush - to remove excess powder for a smooth finish, and to help avoid contaminating your liquids with loose powder. 
  • Pipettes - these are great for a smooth application.  Many of our clients prefer to pour over the powder rather than dipping. 
  • Dotting tools - these are great for cleaning up your cuticles after each dip.
  • Clear Dip Powder - you'll use this a LOT.  It's an essential if you're using any kind of glitter, and super useful to add strength to your dip powder manicure. 

 Are you Australian owned and made? 

We are Australian owned and run, and many of our products are also Australian made, from local and imported ingredients.   Our small-batch products are handcrafted right here in Perth, Western Australia. 

My bottle is glued shut - HELP!

This is an easy fix.  Please do NOT use pliers - the last thing you want is a shattered bottle.  Simply pop the bottle in very hot water for a minute or so, and the liquid will soften and you should be able to turn the lid without too much trouble. 

In future, take care to not wipe your brush across the top of the bottle - this is the biggest cause of stuck lids.  You can also wipe the threads of the bottle with acetone to stop any base coat thickening on the threads. 

My brush has gone hard - can I save it?

Thankfully YES!  There's nothing worse than starting a new set only to find your brush is rock hard.  If you don't have a bottle of our Brush Saver, soaking the brush in acetone can help.  Or, you can use your Glossy Top Coat brush and Base Coat Brush interchangeably. 

I'd recommend getting yourself a bottle of brush saver (or two!) so you're never left stuck mid-mani. 

Hot tip - hard brushes comes from applying your top coat before the activator is dry.  Make sure you wait at least 2 mins after activating before starting your top coat. 

Are your products safe to use? 

Sure are!  Our products contain no harmful ingredients and are non-toxic, are vegan and not tested on animals. 

That said, breathing in chemicals and dust is never a great idea, so we recommend using our products in a well ventilated area, and ideally wear a mask to avoid breathing in the powder.

Some people are sensitive to dip liquids in general, and report stuffiness and flu-like symptoms after using them - our liquids are the gentlest out of all we've tried (and we've tried a LOT!) and for most people, using a mask along with good ventilation is enough to avoid these types of reactions with our products.  

Do your products contain MMA?

No way. MMA is known to be toxic and is prohibited in nail products in many countries.  If you'd like to see our ingredient list, please send us an email to 

Do you have instructions on how to apply and remove the Dip Powder?

Sure do!  We have instructional videos for application, removal and some fun techniques inside our Adiption facebook group - we'd love to see you in there!

It's also the perfect place to show off your beautiful Adiption Nails!

Got more questions? 

Please get in touch!  We'd love to help :)  You can contact us the following ways:

  • You can message us directly using the Messenger icon in the bottom right of your screen.
  • You can send us an email -
  • You can join our Facebook community and post your question there to get answers from hundreds of other DIY nail dippers!