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Bottle of dip powder activitor


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What can I say about activator?  It's kind of necessary to make your dip nails harden, but nothing to be overly excited about.  But you need it, so... ;) 

 You can also get this product in a kit, with the base and top coat, as well as another kit with the bond, which helps prevent lifting, and the brush saver.  These two products are not essential (but I do highly recommend them to avoid potential frustration and multiple orders.) 

You'll also save a few bucks buying them as a kit!  Woot! 

We recommend:

  • Using a protective mat - spills of these products can damage the finish on your tabletop. 
  • Avoiding inhalation - probs common sense, but you know how it is ;) 
  • Using in a ventilated area.  My front deck is my location of choice, but using a small desk fan can help if you don't have a good outdoor space.  Or if it's freezing outside.