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Bottle of Dip Powder Bond, Basecoat, Activator, Glossy Top and Brush Saver

All-In Liquid Kit

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If you're an all-in, go-hard-or-go-home kinda person, this kit has your name on it. 

Plus, you're getting everything you need, straight up, to give you the very best result - so wise choice, friend. ;)

In this kit you get the three essential liquids to need to apply your dip nails - Base, Activator, and Glossy Top Coat PLUS the Bond and Brush-Saver

We recommend:

  • Using a protective mat - spills of these products can damage the finish on your tabletop. 
  • Avoiding inhalation - probs common sense, but you know how it is ;) 
  • Using in a ventilated area.  My front deck is my location of choice, but using a small desk fan can help if you don't have a good outdoor space.  Or if it's freezing outside.