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Pot of Crystal Clear Dip Powder

Crystal Clear

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Our beautiful clear is an absolute must have! 

It's super smooth, NEVER cloudy, and perfect for bringing the best out of your glitters!

I use it to build my apex, strengthen the tips of my nails (clear is the strongest acrylic because it's not diluted with pigment or glitter) and encapsulate glitter...

ALL the things ;)

Our clear is super fine and gorgeous, for a crystal clear finish!

Because you'll use it so much, we've put it in a bigger jar so you get almost twice as much as our glitters and handcrafted dip powders. 

(PS - Our new colours are also in these larger jars 😍)

You're welcome xx

We recommend:

  • Buying 2 - one for your glitters, and one for topping solid colours.  That way it won't matter if a cheeky glitter makes its way into your pot!
  • Doing just one dip of clear for each layer, and leaving it to dry even if it still looks wet.  Don't re-dip a wet nail.
  • Once it's definitely dry, use a toothbrush to remove any excess powder. 
  • Apply more layers as necessary!