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Glass Cuticle Pusher

Glass Cuticle Pusher

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If you're experiencing lifting around the cuticle, or having trouble getting those perfectly smooth cuticle lines, this handy tool will be the love of your life!  

The cuticle pusher is double sided - one side with a flat pushing surface, and the other is pointy.  Both ends are equally useful and I use mine all the time!

The flat side is amazing for lifting the 'invisible' cuticle off the nail bed - which is the main culprit when it comes to lifting.  Win, right?

It also gently roughs the surface of the nail to provide adhesion for your next set without completely trashing your nail bed.

The pointy end is perfect for neatening up your cuticle line after dipping (YAY!  I use this ALL THE TIME!) and also for tidying up any remaining cuticle after pushing. 

The beauty of these tools is that they last forever!  The glass is very finely etched so the grit doesn't wear down like it does with traditional files and buffers. 

We recommend:

  • Using the tool before removing your previous set - this protects the previously buffed nail and help maintain strong nails long term.  
  • Being careful - they are made of glass so can break if dropped or if excess pressure is applied.
  • Cleaning with a toothbrush and warm soapy water
  • Marvelling in awe at your beautiful, neat, not-lifting cuticle lines!