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Ice Queen dip powder
Pot of Ice Queen dip powder
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Ice Queen

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It's pearly.  It's pretty... With just a hint of dreamworks! 

Ice Queen is a fine pearlescent glitter with just a hint of subtle holographic sparkle - just enough bling to not be boring, but subtle enough for a whole hand and everyday wear. 

It's fine enough to not require a top layer of clear, but I still would given the choice. 

We didn't put a video up for this one because it was so hard to show it's beauty on camera!  The tiny holo sparkles didn't come through :(   But they're gorgeous - like teeny sparks of magic flitting through your nails  ;)

Ice Queen looks fabulous with:

  • Mulberry from our Rose Gold Collection
  • Bend and Snap - I love hot pink and white!  
  • Let's be real - Ice Queen is the most versatile glitter ever and will go with nearly everything!
  • And of course on her own, for a subtle yet captivating look!

Stuff you should know:

  • It's a fine glitter, so it's easy to apply for a beginner!
  • It's a bit sheer, which means it gives a bit of a natural "French Effect" over natural nails.  I'm wearing it as I write this and can faintly see the white of my nail tip after 3 dips.
  • If you want it completely opaque, do a layer of white (or any colour of your choice!) underneath.