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Pot of Impact dip powder
Impact dip powder swatch
Impact Dip Powder on nails
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 I love a good red, and this is a good red.   In fact, it's my absolute favourite red...EVER!

We have 2 stunning pure reds and you'll probably be a bit confused which one to get so here's a bit of a comparison with Red Delicious.

Red Delicious is slightly darker than Impact - just a tiny bit.  

Impact is slightly orange-based, where Red Delicious is slightly blue based which means she's a tiny bit deeper than Impact. 

Red Delicious has a tiny (tiny) sparkle in the sun, where Impact doesn't. 

Still not sure?  If you have pink skin tone, you'll probably be happier with Red Delicious but if you have a more olive skin tone, I'd try Impact first, although both will look fine on you. 

Both are about 7-8 on the light-dark scale, with 10 being black. 

Need pairing recco's?  Impact looks fabulous with:

  • Titanium for a bold metallic feature
  • The Drum - we're not shy around here, so go hard or go home my friend!

We recommend:

  • Building your nail with clear if necessary (apex, or tip only for strength, depending what you need) and then doing 3 full nail dips of colour.  
  • Opening over a cupcake liner to avoid wastage
  • Giving the jar a stir prior to dipping so your dip is at it's fluffy best!
  • Reading our "About Us" page so you can get to know what we're about and how we operate!