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Opaline Dip Powder
Opaline Dip Powder on nails


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Who doesn't want a multi-faceted gemstone sitting right on their nails?

If you said "Nobody", you're absolutely correct ;)  Literally everyone is going to love this, as long as they're a fan of chunky glitter. 

Opaline is quite literally like an opal.  Kinda transparent and luminous.  Amazing. 

Size - this is a mini jar that holds a generous 2 tspn - enough to do at least 10 full sets.

Where to start with pairing Opaline?

  • She looks gorgeous with Jade, for a fresh look any time of year.
  • Gorgeous with a sofy neutral like Peace.

 We recommend:

  • Using a dip of clear powder to encapsulate the glitter for a beautiful smooth finish.
  • Opening the jar over a cupcake liner - makes it easy to pour any spillage back in the jar so there's no wastage.
  • Using over or mixed with ANY other coloured dip you have - this one is a divine topper!
  • Not being worried when you get the jar - it looks pink, but isn't once you swatch it ;)