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Pot and Swatch of Peach Perfect Dip Powder

Peach Perfect

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Peach Perfect is exactly that.  She's a stunning soft, pastel peach that doubles as a beautiful neutral on some darker skin tones. 

Classy and demure, she is about a 3 on the light-dark scale.

She looks amazing with Opaline but also looks surprisingly good contrasting with Blue Suede or Pewter!

We recommend:

  • Building your nail with clear if necessary (apex, or tip only for strength, depending what you need) and then doing 3 full nail dips of colour.  
  • Opening over a cupcake liner to avoid wastage
  • Giving the jar a stir prior to dipping so your dip is at it's fluffy best!
  • Reading our "About Us" page so you can get to know what we're about and how we operate! 
  • Comes in a 20g jar.