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Ruby Slippers Dip Powder

Ruby Slippers

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"Just tap your nails together 3 times..."

And this dip will take you on all the best adventures!   

For such a simple dip, Ruby Slippers is all kinds of gorgeous.  Far from just being red sparkles, there is so much movement and life in this dip you'll be delighted every time you wear her!

Size - this is a mini jar that holds a very generous 2 tspn - enough to do at least 10 full sets. 

Ruby Slippers is the ultimate "full hand" glitter, but if you wanted to pair her Ice Queen is a gorgeous glitter contrast or Back in Black for a vampy look.

We recommend:

  • Using a dip of clear powder to encapsulate the glitter for a beautiful smooth finish.  Actually this is non-negotiable, if you don't, there will be silver specks and it's nowhere near as pretty!
  • Opening the jar over a cupcake liner - makes it easy to pour any spillage back in the jar so there's no wastage.
  • Checking our FB group for a tutorial on glitter ombre!