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4 Must-Have Nail Drill Bits for A Dip Powder Beginner

If you're new to using an e-file or nail drill on your dip powder nails, you might be wondering which drill bits you need to use for best results. 

Most drills come with a set of generic bits - for the most part, these are junk and you're best off just ditching them in favour of some good ones!  I find the generic bits are too fine to be helpful, and the sandpaper bands will destroy your cuticles while you're learning. 

You actually don't need many drill bits for a beautiful manicure - you can get away with just 4 different bits, and still have a perfect salon style dip powder manicure.  

So which nail drill bits do you need when you're starting out?

Here are my top 4 essential drill bits for beginners.

1. Cuticle Bit. 

This tiny, ball-ended bit is a must-have.  It does a brilliant job getting rid of excess cuticle during your manicure prep, and will increase the longevity of your dip powder nails.  You can use it on your actual cuticle, and also on the nail bed to remove any cuticle that still attached to the nail bed.  It's this cuticle that will cause your dip powder manicure to lift, so getting rid of it is super important.  

cuticle ball nail bit for e-file and nail drill
You can also use this handy cuticle bit to buff off any dip that's on your skin once you're done, and also to neaten up any untidy cuticle area once you've finished your mani.   
As you can see, it's tiny but super effective! 
There are a few benefits to using a ceramic drill bit when you're just starting out with dip powder nails, and particularly starting to use a nail drill.   
One of the common mistakes is hitting your cuticle with your sharp filing bits - this can end in a world of pain, and ruin the look of your manicure. 
Our ceramic safety bits have a rounded tip that helps you stay away from the cuticle while you're learning, so you can get your gorgeous salon mani, without the tears and blood. ;)  
Set of 3 ceramic drill bits for e-file
Ceramic bits are also excellent because they don't heat up the way metal bits can.  This makes for a more comfortable e-filing experience, and reduces any potential harm to the nail. 
We recommend getting at least 2 ceramic bits - one a bit rougher for big bumps, and a second finer one for final smoothing. 
Even if you've nailed the acetone removal process, having a great removal drill bit is super handy!  I use mine to get a removal head-start by filing down any glitters, or if I've used gel liquids for my mani. 
5-in-1 removal bit for nail drills and e-files
Both gel liquids and dip powder glitters take longer to remove in acetone, so grinding them off quickly with a good removal bit will definitely save you time! 
Our "Mani Muncher" removal bit features varying sized teeth which are finer toward the pointy end to help protect your cuticles without reducing the effectiveness of the bit.   
So that's it!  Just 4 drill bits that you'll use all the time as a beginner when you're starting out practicing with your nail drill!