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The Logies Red Carpet - Nails Edition

It's the night of nights for the Aussie TV glamourati and the fashion was everything you'd hope - yes, the dresses were fab... but what no one seems to notice are the very important small details that make the Logies fashion what it is - the hair...the make-up.. and most importantly... the nails! 

So let's take a peek at the hottest Logies nail trends for up to the minute red carpet looks. 

First up Maria Thatill - she's looking stunning in a corset, paired nicely with a matching curtain that we think might be held together with a peg at the back.  We get it, it's very similar to a toga my son wore one desperate Parade Day for Book Week.  

No shade here. 

Let's just say, it got us through the day back then as we're sure Maria's got her through the night.  And honestly she's so stunning, we reckon if you can get away with a curtain, do it. 

But let's take a look at her nails! 

She's gone for her matchy-matchy vibe and with a colour that good, we would too. 

If you wanted to replicate this gorgeous Logies dip nail look,  you could try Vampagne, one of our Winter best sellers.

Denise Drysdale and Jessica Rowe both had their Logies nail looks on point with pops of colour that were fun and full of personality. 

We're loving Denise's pop of orange on her nails, complementing her Logies 'fit and totally in line with the vibey personality she is.  

Try Sundancer for a bright orange that's similar!  

Jess's nails for her Logies look are totally gorg - she's gone with a deep chromed green that fits perfectly with her Snugglepot dress - OMG I still have unresolved trauma around Banksia Men but these nails are a beautiful distraction. 

Try Tarquin to get this look - it chromes beautifully on itself so if you haven't tried this yet,  it's a great way to get a couple fabulous looks from the same dark green dip powder.

We also saw a ton of classic French manicure - always classy, and totally do-able with dip powder!  

Sophie Monk and Rebecca Harding did the French Mani best - or at least, we could see them best in the photos.   And with a dress like a Bronze Goddess, your nails are gonna play second fiddle.  This once.

In Rebecca's case though,  she totally could have gone for a bigger look in her nails.  It is the Logies, after all, it's not the time to be boring, especially with such a demure, almost nun-like dress. 

She's a stunner, but no- one would argue with a hot red nail in this instance.  Impact would have fit the bill perfectly.  Do you agree? 

What was your favourite Logies look? 

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