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Base Coat

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This base coat is lovely.  Not strong smelling, just the right consistency and not too quick to dry, meaning you have time to clean up any mess before it sets.  

You can also get this product in a value for money Essentials Kit, with the activator and top coat, OR in our All-In Kit, with the bond, which helps prevent lifting, and the brush saver.  These two products are not 'essential' (but I do highly recommend them to avoid potential frustration and multiple orders.) 

You'll also save a few bucks buying them as a kit!  Woot! 

We recommend:

  • Using a protective mat - spills of these products can damage the finish on your tabletop. 
  • Avoiding inhalation - probs common sense, but you know how it is ;) 
  • Using in a ventilated area.  My front deck is my location of choice, but using a small desk fan can help if you don't have a good outdoor space.  Or if it's freezing outside.