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Space Pants Dip Powder
Pot of Space Pants Dip Powder

Space Pants

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There's a space adventure waiting for you in this adventurous and fun dip powder! 

Plus if you're like me, just thinking the word "Space Pants" will make you smile which is enough of a reason to buy it even if you don't need it 😂

Space Pants is a black base with colour shifting fine glitter and chunky flakes.  

Sizing - This is a mini jar with a generous 2 tsp - enough to do at least 10 full sets! (Or 100 feature nails) ;)

Space Pants looks great with -

  • A plain black or white
  • If you’re feeling spicy, you could pair it with Back in Black AND Caro for a fabulous 3 way feature nail!
  • Space Pants has such a wide variety of colours in it that finding a colour to pair it with will not be a struggle! ;)

We recommend:

  • The flakes mean it's a little trickier to apply
  • We recommend two dips with your nail layed into the powder, rather than dipped
  • And top with clear for best results.